why digital publishing?

Percussion music is complex and not standardized.  Each piece demands its own page layout, staff design, instrument notation, etc.  Furthermore, the intense demand of chamber music makes page turns undesirable in performance. Providing the best product to you means not only traditional 8.5x11 scores for judges and coaches, but also custom performance parts for players, which may be on different size paper, have custom margins, or include only some parts of the full score to show critical relationships between players.  Digital publishing allows us to do this without the massive expense of stocking physical materials and shipping oversize paper, which saves you money and protects the environment from needless paper waste.  You can have every part and print only what you need, when you need it.


What if judges tell me my piece is "not original"

IT IS!  When you purchase a piece from us it IS original.  Cover art, copyright information, and a statement of authenticity are included with every piece.  If you feel a need to make your judge's copies look "more official" there are a few easy ways to do it.

1 - Print and fold Cover Sleeve around judge's copies.  Every piece includes an 11x17" cover with all relevant publishing information

2 - Print Cover Sleeve on card stock.  Most traditional publishers use a thicker paper for their covers.  Card stock is inexpensive.

3 - Bind your judge's copy or copies together in a book.  For a few dollars almost any office store can bind your scores.

4 - Ask us to make a "Judge's Score Book" for you.  This is a premium service we offer for any pieces you've purchased from us.  We can bind a number of judge's scores together and mail them to you.  It will look great!